Coaching in Disadvantaged Communities

Here are some tips on how to engage young people and deliver effective coaching in disadvantaged communities:

  • Create sessions that recognise and appreciate the motivations of young people to participate – they may not be related to sport (eg to socialise and meet new people or because it is a safe environment)
  • Recognise that a games-led approach is a good method to meet young people’s needs. Flexible formats of sport where young people can express themselves are more appealing than skills and drills sessions
  • Discuss the session with young people to identify activities, challenges and coaching approaches they enjoy
  • Build trust and be consistent
  • Act as a role model, mentor and motivator
  • Be non-judgemental, positive and welcoming
  • Signpost and, most importantly, support transitions to further sporting opportunities
  • Be flexible, creative and prepared to adapt sessions to challenging environments with limited facilities

Empowering Coaching for Doorstep Sport

StreetGames and the University of Birmingham have secured funding from the Coca-Cola Foundation and are undertaking a two year research project to explore the impact of creating an empowering and motivational atmosphere within a Doorstep Sport setting. The study aims to explore the impact of implementing a tailored version of the Empowering Coaching™ workshop and one-to-one follow up support in a Doorstep Sport environment, on the key outcomes observed in the PAPA programme inclination to drop-out, motivation, well-being and physical activity levels.

The project aims to use a scientific approach to further develop the skills of Doorstep Sport coaches within the StreetGames network. This will allow coaches to create a motivational climate and promote a greater sense of autonomy, belonging and competence amongst DoorStep Sports participants and ultimately improve their well-being, increase their physical activity levels and mitigate their inclination to drop-out.

Specific Objectives of the project are:

  • To develop a customised version of the Empowering Coaching™ workshop that is specifically tailored for StreetGames young volunteers, youth and community workers, and community sports coaches
  • For those trained coaches, volunteers/leaders to deliver DoorStep sport session to circa 1,000 participants 
  • To provide further evidence of the importance of empowering leaders  with regard to young people’s health, well-being and engagement in sporting activities
  • To train StreetGames tutors to be competent in delivering the Empowering Coaching in Doorstep Sport™ workshop as part of the StreetGames Training Academy Menu

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