Working with Universities StreetGames aims to increase the knowledge base of graduates about the Sport for Social Good agenda and to improve the quality of the sport offer to non-sporty students. In particular, we have worked in partnership with HEIs to ensure they achieve increased capacity for high-quality coaching at all levels, improved employability services, and improved their staff’s awareness of youth mental health issues.

We work with each University to tailor an offer that suits their needs.

Whether your ambition is to broaden your curriculum, grow volunteering at the university, increase community engagement or simply choose some specific training to meet a need, we would like to talk about what you want to achieve.

The sessions were well organised and professionally delivered. The tutors were enthusiastic and knowledgeable and provided students with insight into the challenges of getting those who are inactive active. StreetGames training academy offered us an opportunity to upskill our students to better prepare them for the workplace. We were also particularly impressed with the breadth of courses that the training academy offers and their flexibility to make them fit with the needs of the university.” Matthew Dowling, Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching and Physical Education, Anglia Ruskin University.

StreetGames training is based on research and insight gathered from years of community sports development. Topic and pedagogy experts lead content development and are supported by experiential learning specialists. Training is delivered flexibility to suit the needs of universities and using a range of delivery methods to meet the needs of the learners.

In addition to training delivery StreetGames has supported universities with community engagement, links to community and youth organisations, development of Fit and Fed programmes, joint research & insight projects.

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Here are some of the suites of support we have previously created:

Sport for social good learning

Coaching to engage young people

Developing young leaders and volunteers

Promoting health and well-being

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