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We’ve designed the section so it features plenty of links. They make it quick and easy for you to locate the in-depth information and resources you may require. We have stayed away from links to academic publications and concentrated on links to our own research, reports and practical guides to sport delivery.

The Student Zone divides into 5 sections:

  • Changing Communities
  • Changing Lives
  • Changing Sport
  • StreetGames' history and way of working
  • Other organisations that specialise in sport for good

Changing communities:  Social inclusion through sport and sport for good:

Changing lives: Disadvantaged women and sport

Changing lives: Volunteering and youth leadership

Changing lives: Events and social tourism

Changing sport: StreetGames Training Academy

Changing sport: Social exclusion in sport and the sporting habit for life

Changing sport: Creating Legacy

StreetGames history and way of working

Other organisations that specialise in Sport for Good

Fortunately, StreetGames isn’t alone in its aim of changing lives, changing communities and changing sport. These organisations specialise in social inclusion through sport.

Additional Resources & Videos

Doorstep Sport – changing lives, changing communities, changing sport

StreetGames favours an approach called Doorstep Sport. Doorstep Sport is sport that is delivered on the doorstep of disadvantaged communities at the right time, at the right place, at the right price, by the right people and in the right style.

It’s a fact that people from disadvantaged backgrounds – especially women – miss out.

StreetGames' runs a Sport England funded programme called Doorstep Sport Clubs. 1000 new clubs have been created that provide new opportunities for young people in disadvantaged communities to be active.

It’s also a fact that neighbourhoods which have the most crime and the highest health inequalities are the neighbourhoods that do the least sport.

Doorstep Sport has been shown to increase participation in sport, leading to some dramatic results –

  • Young people are empowered and their sense of worth increases
  • Communities can make positive choices about how they live
  • Neighbourhoods become safer as crime rates drop
  • Doorstep Sport leaders, volunteers and coaches provide positive role models. Perhaps the most impressive effect of bringing sport into a deprived community is the impact it has on that community’s young people –
  • Doorstep Sport projects identify young participants with leadership qualities and encourage them to volunteer. Thousands of young people have achieved recognised qualifications this way
  • Doorstep Sport is a force for good: statistics show that socially disadvantaged groups are massively under-represented at elite level in almost all types of sport
  • Doorstep Sport has been specifically designed to appeal to young people who lack the means or desire to join a mainstream sports club. It does this by offering weekly multi-sport sessions that are at the right time, at the right place, in the right style and for the right price


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