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To nominate a candidate, please read through the below criteria, before selecting your desired category. You’ll then be prompted to provide additional details of your chosen project, organisation, coach or volunteer. Good Luck! Check out last year's winners video's

Young Coach of the Year Award (Aged 25 years and younger)

This award recognises the contribution that an individual has made to the lives of their peers, by providing leadership and/or physical activity opportunities in their community.

Coach of the Year Award (Aged 26 and over)

This award recognises the contribution that an individual has made to the lives of young people and their communities through coaching, highlighting the skills and approaches that have set this person apart, and led to improvements in the quality of physical activity provision in the area.

Volunteer of the Year Award (Aged 25 and younger)

This award recognises an individual’s commitment to volunteering within their local project or community. The recipient of this award could be someone who has worked alongside their peers as a mentor and motivator, or has otherwise supported their local sports project by setting up equipment, performing administrative duties, working as a CLUB1 promoter, Us Girls Motivator or StreetGames Young Volunteer.

The Sustainability Award

This award recognises the efforts of a StreetGames project to establish itself as an enduring part of the youth and community sports landscape. The recipient of this award will have made effective use of one, or all of StreetGames’ core sustainability tools (including 'earning', 'raising' and 'saving'); display clear evidence of ‘up-skilling’, creative fundraising or partnership-building; and have successfully managed its existing assets to achieve true sustainability View the three core methods here.

The Matt Kendall Award

This award recognises an individual who has taken significant steps to improve their personal circumstances, embracing the opportunities around them to develop their skills, experiences, and impact on their wider community.

Engaging Women and Girls Award

This award recognises the work done by a 'Local Trusted Organisation' or Us Girls project to improve and increase the level of female participation in sport and physical activity.

Fit and Fed Award

This award recognises the work by an organisation to tackle Holiday Hunger, inactivity and isolation – changing young lives by helping to keep them all Fit and Fed. The recipient of this award will have worked tirelessly to provide fun, physical activities and nutritious, filling meals to dozens or even hundreds of young attendees, securing new partnerships and funding opportunities along the way.

Project of the Year

This award recognises the work being done to encourage young people to get involved in, remain engaged with, and to personally develop through the Doorstep Sport programme. Recipients of this award will have demonstrated an exceptional level of dedication and inventiveness in their work, benefitting not only their young participants, but the wider community as a whole. 

Outstanding Work in Community Safety

This award recognises the achievements of a project that has used sport to tackle a variety of social issues, including anti-social behaviour, youth crime and related misdemeanours. The recipient of this award will have developed relationships with relevant stakeholders, and helped to create a safer and stronger community for everyone.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Award

This award recognises a project that has taken an active lead in promoting positive mental health – working hard to reduce the stigma that still surrounds this issue, by providing empowering social activities that improve both physical and mental health.

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