This information is being shared by StreetGames on the range of options organisations have for running sessions ‘online’ using video/chat software like zoom, skype etc. These tools have huge benefits to organisations and young people but we must ensure we use them safely to protect the children and young people we are supporting, and also the staff and volunteers in our organisations. 

We would recommend sharing information with parents and carers about staying safe online to demonstrate you are taking all necessary measures to keep young people safe – examples can be seen here:

Hints and Tips for safe usage:

StreetGames has produced some information with hints and tips for using online video/chat tools for running sessions and keeping in contact with young people. These hints and tips will support you in using these tools effectively and safely with young people. The following points should be considered in relation to safeguarding young people, staff and volunteers.

  • Check your Safeguarding policy. Does it include online working? If not, check the link below for some information on updating your policy. Your policy should include information on links to GDPR and personal details of young people.
  • Ideally, all sessions should be facilitated by two staff members/volunteers (with an up-to-date DBS).
  • Share information with parents/guardians of any young people under the age of 18 so they are aware of what activity is taking place. For some children and young people, it may be the parent’s email address being used for accessing the online service.
  • Do not share video conferencing details publicly – have it as part of the group agreement not to share details outside of the organisation. It is better to send out personal invitations rather than share joining instructions on social media.
  • Ensure all participants know how to raise concerns or report online safety issues (this needs to be a part of your safeguarding policy and group agreement). Some apps and tools can help you do this:
  • Encourage participants to find a space in their house away from other members of their household before they log into the session. Others might share personal information that they don’t wish people outside of the group to hear.
  • Confidentiality is as important in online groups as it is in face-to-face groups. Do not share anything that is said in the group without that person’s permission.
  • Ensure you understand how to manage and report any safeguarding concerns that are raised or reported from your online sessions.

Working 1-2-1 with young people in an online setting

While group sessions are preferred, it may be necessary to conduct 1-2-1 sessions with young people. This might be to discuss a confidential issue or in a mentoring/teaching capacity. In addition to the hints and tips above, consider the following points: 

Looking after the health and wellbeing of young people:

Running sessions and activities online will provide a challenge to all organisations to support the health and wellbeing of young people. While this can be supported through the online session you run, it might be worth sharing other information and links to help young people. You should also acknowledge that young people will be spending more time online, so we have to help educate them on staying safe while doing so online.

Further information and Support:

NSPCC – has a dedicated resources and information page for the Corona Virus period -

The Child Protection in Sport Unit – has resources focused on the delivery of sport and physical activity during corona virus - and - a national webpage set up by the National Youth Agency, UK Youth and the Mix to support all youth organisations during the Corona Virus period: The following links take you to specific pages:

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