Volunteer Equity Index Infographic

How race, gender and socio-economic group affect sports volunteering rates

The diagram above shows a “volunteering equity index” for different groups of young people aged 16-25 years, showing whether those groups volunteer regularly in sport more or less than the average. The average volunteering rate for this age group is 19% (marked on the equity index as 100). 

So for example,  22.1% of young white males regularly volunteer in sport – providing an index score of 120, compared to just 9.3% of young females from lower socio-economic groups (NS-SEC 5-8), so at less than half the average volunteering rate for this age group – the index score is just 49.


  • All data is from Sport England Active People Survey 8 (Oct 2013-14).
  • The National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (NS-SEC) is derived from information on occupation and employment status. NS-SEC: 1. Higher managerial and professional occupations; 2. Lower managerial and professional occupations; 3. Intermediate occupations; 4. Small employers and own account workers; 5. Lower supervisory and technical occupations; 6. Semi-routine occupations; 7. Routine occupations; 8. Never worked and long-term unemployed; 9. Full time students and Occupations not stated or inadequately described.

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