In March 2019 StreetGames commissioned Platypus Research to help us gather new insight to help StreetGames and community organisations to support families to become more physically active. To unpick this we wanted to understand:

  • The complexities of family life;
  • What engages families, i.e. the key drivers for wanting to take part in different
  • Initiatives/activities as a family;
  • Wwhat the perceived and real barriers to becoming more active actually are.

To read the summary report of the research, click on the image below.

The full PowerPoint presentation of the findings can be found here. 

As part of the research, several areas were identified as possibilites as to how organisations like StreetGames can make a real difference to the lives of families across the country. 

Activating parks and open spaces

The Parklives with StreetGames iniative is now in its fourth year and this summer will see 40 initiatives running across the United Kingdom. These initiatives will deliver a minimum of 16 weeks of free activity in local parks, finishing at the end of August 2019.  

Family Walks

 In July 2019, the National Literacy Trust in partnership with StreetGames will launch Story Quest, a brand new initiative to increase levels of literacy and physical activity in families in Stoke-on-Trent, and increase families’ confidence and motivation to read. Story Quest is a great example of how families can make family walks more engaging and entertaining whilst also boosting physical activity levels. For more information please visit

Local Area is the heart of activity

StreetGames Neighbourhood Festivals are organised by Doorstep Sport projects in their own patch. Each Neighbourhood Festival promotes, grows and sustains local StreetGames activities, providing participants with competitive opportunities and giving young people and the community the chance to run their event.

You can make a difference

Sport brings huge benefits to young people’s lives. Even a small donation helps us to make those benefits available to our most disadvantaged communities.

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