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With Sport England’s permission, StreetGames used its Sports Equity Index (Active People Survey 2) as a model for a StreetGames Volunteering Equity Index. The Volunteering Equity Index breaks down young people aged 16-24 into different groups, including by race and gender, and shows whether those groups volunteer more or less than the national average of 17.15% - marked by 100 on the Index.

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Research background

StreetGames has a dedicated research and knowledge team which: 

  • Analyses rates of participation and engagement in sport to explore the differentials across socio-economic groups.

  • Explores and analyses participation trends amongst young people from lower socio-economic groups within specific sports 

  • Commissions and reviews specific research studies aimed at exploring attitudes and motivations towards sport and physical activity amongst young people from lower socio-economic groups

  • Identifies and prepares briefing papers and good practice case studies in doorstep sport to share the learning of ‘what works’. 

The Active People Survey

The Active People Survey (APS) is conducted by Sport England, the government agency responsible for delivering community sport in England, and has been run each year since October 2005. 

The continuous survey provides the largest-ever sample size of sport and active recreation to be undertaken in Europe. It collects data with the intention of showing how participation varies from place to place, and between different groups in the population.

The survey also measures the proportion of the adult population that volunteer in sport on a weekly basis, club membership, involvement in organised sport/competition, receipt of tuition or coaching, and overall satisfaction with levels of sporting provision in the local community.

Active People Survey 2 began on 15th October 2007 and ran until 14th October 2008.

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