Doorstep SportClubIn 2012 Sport England ring-fenced £20m for investment into Doorstep Sport Clubs (DSCs) - this is the largest ever targeted investment into disadvantaged youth sport. The investment forms part of the Sport England and Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) 2012-17 strategy Creating a sporting habit for life. 

StreetGames’ role in the strategy is to lead the creation of 1000 new generation youth sports clubs - called Doorstep Sport Clubs, for young people (aged 14-25 years old) who live in deprived areas. DSCs are hosted by a range of neighbourhood community projects. The ambition for the programme is to reach and attract 120,000 14-25 year olds into sport by 2017.


Lessons of the Doorstep Sport Club Programme 2013-2017

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Doorstep Sport Clubs are fun, informal sports clubs that operate at the right time, for the right price, in the right place and in the right style. A Doorstep Sport Club provides a vibrant and varied sporting offer to young people in disadvantaged communities that is designed to grow their motivation and ability to adopt a sporting habit for life.

Doorstep Sport Clubs exist in many different forms and are hosted by different types of organisations. However, at their core, they provide young people aged 14-25 years living in areas of high deprivation with accessible and affordable opportunities to take part in sport within their local community. Providing vibrant, varied, fun and sociable sessions, with a strong emphasis on youth leadership.

Through Sport England Lottery Funding, StreetGames together with our network of local partners has been developing Doorstep Sport Clubs since an initial pilot project in 2012 and there are now over 800 DSCs operating across the Country.

The DSC programme also runs in Wales with support from Communities First and Sport Wales.

We have conducted two surveys with DSC participants to gather feedback on the programme. To read the full reports click on the images below.


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