StreetGames believe that all young people should have the chance to enjoy the benefits of sport, regardless of where they live or what their household income is. Sport should be about fun, fitness and friendships and involve more disadvantaged young people – including girls. 

In the UK, opportunities to play sport are not shared equally. It’s a fact that young people growing up in England’s highest-earning homes are more than twice as likely to receive sports coaching and take part in organised, competitive sport than those growing up in the lowest-earning households. The same is true of rates of club membership amongst young people and rates of volunteering. (Source: Sport England Active People Survey 4 (2009/10).)

In the UK, sport is traditionally provided through clubs or by schools. However, the rigid delivery method these two types of setting often adopt doesn’t suit every young person. It’s fine for those who want to focus on – and progress in – a particular sport. But it can put off those who want to play with friends in a more relaxed environment.

Making Sport Available to Everyone

StreetGames advocates Doorstep Sport. It brings sport close to home for young people in disadvantaged communities. How? By making sport available in the right place, at the right time, for the right price and in the right style. Locally-run and managed by leaders from within that community, Doorstep Sport is extremely effective in engaging teenage participants. 

The learning from Doorstep Sport is distilled into training packages.  Sport England has funded StreetGames to bring the insights of these packages to a variety of national governing bodies with a commitment to engaging disadvantaged young people.

You can make a difference

Sport brings huge benefits to young people’s lives. Even a small donation helps us to make those benefits available to our most disadvantaged communities.

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