Doorstep Sport Contributes to Stronger and Safer Communities.

Access to sport and sporting opportunities changes lives, and local communities for the better. Research proves that said communities are not only healthier and more active but are also safer and stronger as a result. For example, neighbourhoods with local sporting offers greatly benefit from the many young people who wish to volunteer in the field, creating many more local opportunities.

Doorstep Sport was developed in response to research from the Home Office which detailed some of the reasons why young people came to the attention of the police. Doorstep Sport is designed to help young people keep themselves safe and avoid getting into trouble.

Doorstep Sport Contributes to Public Health.

All too often, disadvantaged young people become inactive adults. Research by the Department of Health has shown that people living in disadvantaged communities are not reaching recommended rates of physical activity. Ultimately, this widespread inactivity is one of the major reasons why disadvantage communities suffer from poorer health than those living in more affluent areas.

Doorstep Sport tackles this health inequality by encouraging more young people to get involved in sport and physical activity. Crucially, it keeps them coming back. Research by Canterbury Christ Church University found that 74% of participants in Doorstep Sport projects attended for more than a year – a testament to the vitality of the projects. In this way, Doorstep Sport supports young people on the path to sustained behaviour change. Lively, fun and varied, Doorstep Sport always assumes that, more than anything else, teenagers want to play sport with their friends.

In addition, many Doorstep Sport projects integrate health advice and information within their activity sessions. Project coaches and volunteers often initiate informal discussions with participants on a variety of health issues.

Doorstep Sport Lifts Community Spirit

Doorstep Sport strengthens connections within a community. Young people get to know each other and, as a result, levels of trust tend to rise. When the Doorstep Sport project enters a team into a tournament; books to see an elite event; or even takes the participants on holiday, word gets around the local area. People talk about it at the shops, in the pub, at the school gate: the community has something to be proud of. Older residents of the area like to see young people getting involved in something positive.

You can make a difference

Sport brings huge benefits to young people’s lives. Even a small donation helps us to make those benefits available to our most disadvantaged communities.

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