Charlotte started competing in sports from a young age and from that point she hasn’t wanted to stop! Charlotte begun racing at the age of 13 years old, a late starter in the world of motorsport. However, she quickly managed to prove that she was good enough to compete against the male-filled grids. Now at the age of 18, she is still the only female on her grid and still going strong, beating men at the same time! “I’m trying to break the stereotypes of female kart racers and I can’t do that without the support of others” says Charlotte. She hopes that she can join a European kart team for the 2015 season as she wants to show that females are as good as men!

What Charlotte says about Us Girls

Karting has such an impact on my life and I’m lucky to receive the support and coaching that I do. Being a champion for Us Girls, I really hope I can influence others to go against the stereotypes and just go for it. Why let the boys have all the fun?

Twitter @CharlEyreRacing

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