The BT Supporter’s Club enabled 35 young people to volunteer to join a Pre-Apprenticeship Programme. The programme used sport to address the needs of the young people, all of whom were not in employment, education or training.  All the pre-apprentices volunteered for a minimum of 20 weeks on a well-structured placement in a host community sport project in their own neighbourhood. The placements were in Wales and Scotland.

The programme successfully enhanced the volunteer’s employability skills. Their change and progress was measured by the Outcome Star tool. This recorded the programmes impact on 6 fields of inquiry, including the young people’s self-esteem and communication skills, self-efficacy and hopes and dreams. 

The programme took a broad view of employability and so while the knowledge and skills that help when applying for jobs (like CV writing and self-presentation at interview) were provided, the programme also worked on building resilience and softer-skills. We were particularly keen to widen young people’s horizons, show them new places and introduce them to new types of people.

As a result of the programme:

  • 15 of the 30 pre-apprentice volunteers secured employment; 7 went into vocational training; 1 became an amateur boxer with his eyes set on making the Welsh National Team; 3 are continuing their volunteering and 5 left the project with no recorded and beneficial outcome.
  • All the pre-apprentices recorded a significant increase in the ‘hopes and dreams’ and the ‘well-being’ fields of assessment.  This demonstrates that through this programme the young people feel much better about themselves and their aspirations for the future.
  • We trailed using the NPC Wellbeing Tool. All the tested volunteers showed massive increases in following fields of questions, ‘self-esteem’, ‘emotional wellbeing’, ‘resilience’ and ‘life satisfaction’. It was very interesting that all recorded increased dis-satisfaction with their peer group. We took that to mean they had grown away from their school mates and had different ambitions to their peers and former selves.
  • 25 gained a Level 2 qualification in multi-sport coaching;  all 30 gained sports activator training, all gained valuable experience delivering sport and fitness sessions, all learnt the ways of working – like reliability; were trained in employment skills such as cv writing and job interviews.
  • All the 11 projects that hosted the volunteer pre-apprenticeship placements continue to apply the method they learnt on the programme to their ongoing work with disadvantaged young volunteers.

A successful feature of the programme is the Youth Action component where the pre-apprentices get together in groups of 3 to run their own event. This Facebook page shows the achievements of the 3 young women on a placement in Caerphilly.

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