Youth Leaders Across Borders

As we come to the end of the funded period for our Erasmus+ funded project, ‘Youth Leaders Across Borders’, you can now access a range of training materials FOR FREE on the YLAB website by following the button below.

Youth Leaders Across Borders Website 

The website and all resources are available in English, Welsh, German, Polish and Swedish.

On the YLAB website in the ‘Resources’ section, you can download 6 training modules and all of the resources that you would need to deliver it yourself on the following topics;

  1. Why I am an International Youth Leader – A training workshop to help young volunteers explore weather exploring international opportunities might be for them.
  2. How to Lead an Intercultural Group – Building on existing leadership skills that your volunteers may already have, this workshop looks at what are the differences in delivering to an intercultural group and what additional things you might need to think about.
  3. Promoting Healthy Active Lifestyles – This workshop is full of fun games, activities and energizers to get groups moving. It also explores ideas around why people are currently not active and what you can do as a leader to help them get active.
  4. Engaging Women and Girls – Understanding the barriers that prevent women and girls taking part in sport and physical activity is an important starting point when trying to encourage them to get active. This workshop explores these barriers and more.
  5. Intercultural Awareness – this workshop explores ideas around culture, stereotypes and language animation, all key things needed when looking to get involved in international projects.
  6. Project Management of Youth Exchanges – This is a fun workshop on how to project manage a youth exchange, from concept, right through to funding application. 

In addition to these 6 modules, there is also a toolkit at the top of the page that is packed with fun game ideas – the perfect resource for anyone who is delivering activity to groups of any size. There is a filter function so that you can find the right game for you in terms of group size, equipment, space and desired outcome.

The YLAB website shares the learning of the project and the impact via case studies on the ‘Leaders’ Page.

Please let us know what you think either by tagging us in on Twitter - @YLABProject, or by emailing your feedback and how you’ve used the project resource to Claire Lane.

if you are interested in taking young people abroad on an exchange or sports visit and would like some advice, please get in touch with Claire Lane or Lucie Vickers.


As part of the Erasmus+ funded project 'Youth Leaders Across Borders' (YLAB), Adam Eager was one of 8 StreetGames Young Advisors to plan and deliver a 7 day international residential at Brathay in the Lake District. The purpose of the residential was to connect young people from the four partner countries involved in YLAB (UK, Germany, Sweden and Poland), and to provide training to help them engage in future international projects and opportunities. As a direct result of this residential, Adam secured a place to participate in a 12 month European Voluntary Service placement in Germany, starting just 4 weeks after the residential finished. Adam jumped at the opportunity, and despite speaking no German, embarked on an opportunity of a lifetime at Blossin Outdoor Adventure and Education Centre, Germany. ( )
Click the video above to see his story!

Read Adam's blog - 

Adam's blog post 2

Adam's blog post 1


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