CHANGE - Enhancing Skills in Sport for Development

CHANGE is a project founded on the belief that sport has huge potential to change society and change people but that to do so it needs a workforce with the right skills and competences, supported by a fit-for-purpose programme of education, training and professional development.

Main Objectives

THE CHANGE PROJECT is a skills and education project aimed at improving the effectiveness of delivery of sport for development programmes which are designed to tackle social issues. By meeting the following objectives, the partners aim to develop an understanding of the genuine challenges facing the sport sector, and in particular the specialist field of sport for development in Europe, and develop and test innovative solutions:

  1. To inform policy and strategy in sport through defining the size, scope, potential and role of sport for development in Europe and range of outcomes for communities and individuals it can achieve
  2. To define the skills and competences needed by the key change makers – the coordinators and activators in sport for development in order to meet the new role for sport in social and human development.
  3. To upskill the sport workforce through innovative education and training to develop the skills to meet the new roles expected of sport


The Partnership:

CHANGE brings together a unique partnership to explore skills issues in sport for development. The partnership is led by EOSE and includes a national Sport Ministry, national and international sport for development charities, an umbrella body for grassroots sport and physical activity, national sport bodies, and universities.

Co-ordinator: EOSE - European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (France)

Other Partners: ISCA (DK), Leeds Beckett University (UK), The Secretariat General of Sport (SGS) of Greece (GR), Sports Union of Slovenia (SI), UISP (IT), University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (IT), Women Win (NE)


The CHANGE project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnerships in Sport programme.

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