Sport on the Doorstep of Deprived Communities 

Doorstep Sport provides local communities with a modern, exciting and thoroughly engaging sporting offer that empowers  young people to gain access to sport. StreetGames understands the importance of finding the 'right style' of delivery to suit the needs of each individual community, a flexible approach that has resulted in a wide variety of events and activites taking place all over the UK.

Through Doorstep Sport, young people are empowered to take greater control of their lives, and to make a positive and lasting change within their communities.  

The Right Offer

  • Right Time, Place, Price and Style, for the 'Right People' (i.e. Disadvantaged Youth)
    • Doorstep Sport ensures a vibrant and varied offer is available
    • VIVA should include access to sports events, pop up sports and following the high profile sporting calendar
    • The offer should reflect the needs and interests of the young people in he local community
  • Equity
    • An accessible, equitable programme of activities should be on offer in the local community. In particula - young women accessing sports and physical activity
    • This must reflect the demographic of the local community
    • Doorstep sport should be used as a way to integrate young people within the community
  • Understanding the Needs of Young People
    • Consideration of how and where to market your programme should be planned carefully
    • Doorstep Sport embraces the use of a wide range of social media
    • Doorstep Sport recognises the fast pace of life for many young people and works to ensure that any and all marketing is reflective of this fact
    • Organisations need to consult with young people on any current or future activity provision to ensure it is meeting their needs
    • Young people should be able to provide feedback and new ideas for the organisation in an open way, knowing that their ideas are being listened to

Wider Social Outcomes

  • Youth action
    • Young people should learn as volunteers from project coaches/leaders/mentors
    • Young people should have to opportunity to help shape the doorstep sport offer
    • The development of young people is central  to the aim of Doorstep Sport
  • Health and Community safety
    • Organisations will understand the impact its activity is having on community safety and health
    • Organisations will be able to demonstrate the impact and utilise this to support sustainability
  • Working in partnership (inc leisure centres, local NGB, clubs)
    • Doorstep sport is delivered  and supported by a range of partners in the local community
    • Organisations have working relationships with the following possible partners:
      • NGB's
      • Leisure centres
      • Housing Associations
      • Youth organisations

You can make a difference

Sport brings huge benefits to young people’s lives. Even a small donation helps us to make those benefits available to our most disadvantaged communities.

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