South Leeds is a place that many different people and communities are proud to call home. But we also face the same challenges as the rest of the city and the country. Challenges such as people not having the opportunity to mix with others from different communities or people spreading narratives that seek to divide us from one another.

Left unchallenged, these things can negatively impact everyone in our communities. But when we unite people around the many activities and values they have in common – whether that is local pride, a love of sport, or an enjoyment of competition and being physically active – we can show that we have more in common than that which divides us. Only by working together can we build a stronger South Leeds for everyone.

South Leeds Together we are Stronger is for young people aged 16 – 19 who live in the local area and offers the chance to be part of a new approach, one that complements and expands upon work already being done in the city.

South Leeds Together we are Stronger builds on the government and Leeds City Council’s commitments to work in partnership with individuals and organisations to stand against extremism in all its forms.  By bringing young people in South Leeds together through fun and engaging sporting activity, it will break down barriers and provide a safe environment for people to explore how opinions are formed, what information they are based on and why they are held, to better understand what brings communities together.

South Leeds Together we are Stronger is funded by Building a Stronger Britain Together, a national initiative to protect communities from extremism. But it belongs to South Leeds, which means all the activities are free to young people.

South Leeds Together we are Stronger offers young people a chance to play some sport with other people from the local area in at least two sports events, before a final big celebration event at John Charles Centre for Sport on August 22.

The short-term outcomes are:

  • LTO’s report increased capability and capacity to deliver counter extremist narratives and promote cohesion across communities
  • (YP) Individuals report increased critical thinking skills, knowledge and confidence to reject extremist narratives/ disrupt extremist activity
  • (YP) Individuals / groups are more engaged with community and individuals have increased sense of belonging, safety and/or confidence in the local areas
  • (YP) Individuals / groups have increased understanding of other cultures / activities that support integration
  • (YP) Individuals report increased feelings of tolerance, respect, understanding and empathy for others/ different groups

The longer-term outcomes are:

  • (YP) increased Support for shared values
  • (YP) Increased intercommunity understanding
  • (YP) Promotion of community cohesion and engagement
  • (YP) Reduced feelings of isolation
  • (YP) Increased individual resilience
  • (LTO’s) Increased organisational capability/capacity

You can make a difference

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