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The Family Holiday Association defines social tourism as “the inclusion of people living on a low income in holiday and leisure activities”. Social tourism is not simply providing free or subsidised holidays but about recognising that holidays can have great benefits and a positive impact on young people, their families and the communities in which they live.

StreetGames recognises the value of taking young people out of their day to day environment and accordingly organises Away Games activities to see great sporting events across the UK. Much of what we have organised to date has been achieved under the banner of the Olympic and Commonwealth Legacy, for instance our #CampCWC at the Commonwealth Games. A briefing paper produced by the Social Tourism Working Party (2007) stated the barriers to participating in holidays for disadvantaged families are:

  • Lack of money and transport
  • Illness, routine and stress, family tension
  • Lack of time, separated families
  • Difficulty in seeing beyond immediate problems

Figures from the Family Holiday Association show that 7 million people in the UK miss out on an annual holiday because of low income and 2.5 million children live in families that are too poor to even afford a day-trip. Findings from an Office of National Statistics report (2013) show that the proportion of people unable to afford an annual holiday increased from 21.4% to 29.7% during 2005-2011. Those denied the benefit of a holiday due to lack of income are often among those most in need of a holiday.

StreetGames believes that trips likes these are important formative experiences for young people, affording them the opportunity to mix with people from different backgrounds and broaden their horizons. Participants return home with increased ambitions, enhanced social skills and improved overall wellbeing.

StreetGames Camp Glasgow 2014

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