The Young People’s Health Partnership (YPHP) is a seven-strong consortium of organisations, including StreetGames, that works as a voluntary sector strategic partner with the Department of Health, Public Health England and NHS England.

The role of the YPHP is to ensure young people’s interests are taken into account when new health policy is being developed, and to share changes in health policy that affect young people with the wider voluntary sector.

This includes things like:

  • Young people’s access to healthcare services, such as GPs
  • Investments in wellbeing, such as physical activity, sexual health and substance misuse
  • Improving the availability of counselling, advice and mental health services
  • Supporting young people with cancer

The partnership comprises: Addaction, Ambition, Association for Young People’s Health, Brook, CLIC Sargent, StreetGames, and Youth Access.

You can access all the resources produced by YPHP, including those developed by StreetGames, here.

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YPHP Projects led by StreetGames in 2016/17

Evaluation of Young Health Champion Training

The StreetGames Training Academy now offers the RSPH Level 2 accredited Young Health Champion Certificate.  We are undertaking an evaluation of the impact of the training, on the young people who receive it as well as on their peers whom they support.  We want to understand if the training covers the right issues, whether the champions feel confident in their role and how their peers benefit from having champions in their midst.

For more details, please contact Paul Jarvis-Beesley

Social Prescribing of Physical Activity for Young People

Social prescriptions are a new and increasingly popular way for health professionals, like GPs, to offer alternatives, wherever possible, to medical treatments and drugs.  We are looking at how and where social prescribing of physical activity is taking place across England.  We will write a short report to share with the sector via our website, workshops and presentations at conferences, so that more youth and community organisations can get involved.

For more details, please contact Dawn Mitchell

Standardised Evaluation of Physical Activity Programmes

StreetGames network members know that evaluating a sports programme can be hard.  There are, potentially, so many things to measure (numbers of people, attendances, sessions, frequency, intensity of activity, changes over time etc, not to mention what you do to promote the activity, recruit volunteers, and keep the cost down).   There is a national Standard Evaluation Framework designed specifically to make life easier.  It is widely recognised by commissioners but not yet widely used by delivery organisations.  We are speaking to those who are using it and preparing a simple ‘How To’ guide for youth and community groups that want to use it in the future.

For more details, please contact Dawn Mitchell

Healthy Conversations

Helping young people to be active, and maintain a healthy weight, is bread and butter to the StreetGames network.  But having a conversation with young people about their weight, when the opportunity arises, can be tricky.  We are creating a short training session, packed with ideas and fun activities, that will be available for free to the youth and community sector. 

For more details, please contact Rachel Evans-Robinson.


YPHP Projects led by StreetGames in 2015/16

Commissioning ‘How To’ Guides

More and more sports projects are being commissioned by public health and primary care. Not only is commissioning a valuable source of income, it is also a way of maximising the impact of your activities on young people.  This set of ‘How To’ Guides is designed to help with various aspects of the commissioning process.  Find the full set here.

Health Training for the Youth Sector

Youth clubs, sports groups and community organisations can do a lot to improve young people’s health.  This is particularly true in disadvantaged areas where children, young people and families on the lowest incomes suffer the poorest health.  This quick guide to health training for the youth sector gets you started.


Other YPHP Projects in 2015/16 & 2016/17

Young People’s Takeover Challenge

YPHP supports a range of ‘takeover’ activities where young people get involved in informing health decision making. In 2015 we ran four national events to find out more about what happened and be inspired to run your own takeover challenge see our summary report here.  A Takeover day Toolkit sets out how you can run a takeover day activity focusing on health and wellbeing.

In 2016 and early 2017 we are running takeover challenge activities with Public Health England, NHS England and the Department of Health.  If you are interested to find out more contact us:

Some of the young people with Health Minister Alistair Burt MP in 2015.

The Immortals: Key Learning

The Immortals started life in 2012 as a project created by four young people from Barnsley and as a partnership between Creative Recovery and Young Addaction. The Immortals puts together alternative nights out for people aged between 14 to 18 years old.   Read the report here

Confidentiality and safeguarding within a youth volunteering context

YPHP worked with young people and professionals to develop this guidance in order to enhance the confidence of professionals to engage young people in health and social care volunteering opportunities, ensuring that they feel confident balancing their duty of care towards young volunteers, whilst also upholding young people’s rights.

Youth social action: case studies

This series of case studies demonstrates good practice examples of youth social action projects.  Learn from what others have done to support young people to take action to create positive social change in their own communities


The Health and Care Voluntary Sector Strategic Partner Programme 

Working together for better health and care

The HCVSSPP has been running for five years.  It is funded by the Department of Health, Public Health England and NHS England, to enable the statutory sector to work with the voluntary sector to create an affordable health and care system that is fit for the future.  The voluntary sector plays a vital role in people’s health and wellbeing.

For more details about the HCVSSPP, contact: or follow us on Twitter @vcspartners

The voluntary sector contributes in many ways to the health and care system.  Most notably, we:

  • Help reach the most vulnerable, excluded individuals and communities
  • Support people to make their diverse needs and voices heard
  • Harness the expertise of the voluntary sector to inform national policy development
  • Drive awareness of the role and potential of the sector

You can make a difference

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