Let’s Get Physical for delivery organisations

Let’s Get Physical is easy to deliver because it:

  • Is fully supported by StreetGames
  • Works in both school and community settings
  • Contributes to the professional development of coaches and volunteers


Support from StreetGames HQ

StreetGames works with ‘Locally Trusted Organisations’ (LTOs) to deliver Let’s Get Physical.  LTOs have the trust and respect of their community, local knowledge about when and where to run activities, local contacts and a team of coaches and volunteers at the ready.  StreetGames supports the LTOs by providing:

  • Liaison with the commissioner to agree priorities, outcomes and reporting arrangements
  • Evidence-based procedures for programme design and delivery
  • Programme management and session delivery training for LTO staff and volunteers
  • One to one advice and support by phone, email and regular visits
  • Standardised monitoring and evaluation system
  • Branded merchandise to distribute to participants as incentives
  • Case study reports and external evaluations


School and Community Settings

 Let’s Get Physical targets the children who are the least active in their peer group.  Typically, they are children who tend not to play actively in the playground, avoid school sport when they can and do not generally turn up voluntarily at community-based sport sessions.

 They are ‘low active’, defined as doing less than 30-59 minutes of moderate intensity activity, including walking and cycling, every day.  Let’s Get Physical reaches them at school, building up their enjoyment and confidence in a range of fun, physical activities, before introducing them to year-round community-based sessions where parents and siblings can join in too.


Professional Development of Coaches and Volunteers

LTOs receive customised training in how to set up and deliver Let’s Get Physical.  The training covers all aspects of programme management, liaison with schools and parents, session content, promotion, and monitoring and evaluation.  In addition, the following training is available to LTO managers, coaches and volunteers:

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