We all have someone to say thank you to this year.

Let’s get together and make Sunday 4th July the UK’s biggest ever thank you party!

A few weeks ago we told you about Eriona, a young coach at Pro Touch Academy with brilliant idea – a national day of thanks to celebrate everyone who has helped us to get through this past year.

Good ideas travel fast! Right across the country, people and organisations are coming together to make Thank You Day a reality. What started with 13 people is becoming a movement of thousands, and you can be a part of it!

Now is the time to spread the word, invite your loved ones, neighbours, colleagues and communities to take part, so we can say thank you to everyone who deserves it.

We want to involve all sport clubs, community groups and LTOs in saying a big Thank You to all the coaches, volunteers, ground staff, team mates and anyone else who have supported each other over the last year. If you’re holding a training session, match, park run, taster session, gym class or any other event on 4th July why not incorporate a ‘Thank You Party’ as well.

To be part of this national movement and receive information, ideas, social media kit and more, please sign up below to learn more and register your interest.

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You can make a difference

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