StreetGames, alongside the EFL Trust, is entering into a 12 month partnership with Network Rail to support the You vs Train Campaign, a national campaign aimed at raising awareness around the dangers of trespassing on the railways.

The hidden dangers of trespassing on UK railway lines are real and devastating.  Every year, hundreds of young people take on the railway and lose, their actions have life shattering consequences for their friends and family.

Working with Network Rail and the wider rail industry, StreetGames will work through its network of local partners to share campaign messages and materials with young people making them aware of the potentially life-changing effects of trespassing on the railway.

By connecting with StreetGames and the EFL Trust, rail industry partners can extend the reach of the campaign into areas where trespassing is most prevalent and by using the power of sport engage with young people in trespass hotspot areas across England, Scotland and Wales.

StreetGames are pleased to support the campaign which will see investment into 27 local community projects to support delivery of sport and physical activity sessions engaging young people from disadvantaged communities. This, alongside support for the wider social media campaign will aim to ensure that You vs Train messaging reaches young people living in communities in close proximity to identified rail trespass hotspots

Stuart Felce, Strategic Lead for Community Safety at StreetGames said:

"StreetGames harnesses the power of sport to create positive change in the lives of disadvantaged young people, their families and their communities, right across the UK. The work that we do helps those people and communities to be healthier, safer and more successful. This partnership will raise awareness of the dangers of trespassing for young people, the messages will be delivered to them by coaches and people they trust, so they are more likely to listen, all while staying safe and physically active in a doorstep club environment”

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