Government approval has today been granted to two brand new Trailblazer apprenticeship standards – standards designed to benefit the needs of an ever-changing industry, and of the young people, volunteers and projects that StreetGames serves.

The Community Sport apprenticeship standards were developed over the past 12 months by means of a comprehensive consultation process, as well as many hundreds of hours of input gleaned from over 20 employer organisations, which provided diverse and expert insight into employers’ requirements as members of the Community Sport Trailblazer Development group. They have now been approved at Westminster and will lead the way in the government’s drive for apprenticeship reform in England.

Trailblazer apprenticeships are led by employers for employers and aim to ensure apprenticeships are tailored to the needs of industry. The standards list the key skills, knowledge and behaviours apprentices are expected achieve in order to complete their apprenticeship. Apprenticeship programmes based upon these standards give employers the confidence to know that their apprentices will develop the skills they need to make a meaningful contribution to their company.

StreetGames has been involved at every step of this process. Now, it stands ready to offer its industry-leading expertise to all employers and training providers wishing to take advantage of this exciting new development.

The changes, as represented by the creation of the new Community Activator Coach (Level 2) and Community Sport & Health Officer (Level 3) qualifications promise to redefine and reinvigorate existing apprenticeship practice, by empowering apprentices to better engage with and meet the needs of their communities.

Government standards ensure that all apprentices must master new information, skills, and behaviours that will aid them in the further development of their careers. The new level 2 position – the Community Activator Coach, will be responsible for taking the lead in delivering fun, inclusive and engaging activities that are intended to change sedentary behaviour and promote the adoption of a physically active lifestyle. The apprentice Level 2 Activator Coach learns how to activate groups in inactive communities and mobilise the power of sport to achieve sport-for-good outcomes.

The CSHO (Level 3) role, meanwhile directly involves apprentices in the creation of local programmes designed to make a real difference to their target neighbourhood. Apprentice CSHOs are taught to master the ‘asset-based approach’ to community sports development, and to promote physical wellbeing. The programme supports the apprentice to properly scope, organise and coordinate the delivery of these community-based opportunities in conjunction with private, public and third sector partners.

StreetGames CEO Jane Ashworth – who chaired the Trailblazer employer’s group that assisted in the creation of both roles – commented that:

“We at StreetGames have been delighted to be involved in the development and future delivery of these roles. Having worked to address the inadequacies present in the old apprenticeship structure, we feel confident that these new standards will meet the needs of our friends and partners across the youth employment landscape”.

Chris Essex-Crosby, the Community Engagement Lead at Inspiring Healthy lifestyles added that:

“I have always felt that our Apprenticeship offer did not complement our approach to Doorstep Sport in Wigan.  Inspiring healthy lifestyles were delighted to support the development of the new Standard and look forward to rolling the qualification out in the near future”.

Employers wanting to find out how StreetGames can support their workforce in gaining excellent community sport qualifications through apprenticeships and other training, please contact StreetGames:

CALL: 0161 707 0782


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