Providing easy access to sport and valuable training opportunities is what StreetGames is all about. Which is why in 2012 we took the opportunity to consolidate two existing qualifications - in order to better equip and empower our young coaches. In doing so, StreetGames led the way – delivering an innovative, streamlined and engaging set of qualifications as part of singular, trendsetting course. This was the Doorstep Sport Coaching Programme, a unique and highly-successful initiative that trained over 1400 people.

Now, StreetGames’ industry-leading concepts are being reflected by an all-new single qualification certificate. Working with the awarding body 1st4Sport, StreetGames is pleased to offer this new Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Multi-skills Development in Sport. The reorganised qualification will reduce costs, improve efficiency and cut out unnecessary paperwork, while at the same time improving learners' experience.

In preparation for this new-look course, StreetGames has taken the opportunity to refine many of its own teaching practices. It is this passion for self-improvement that has made us one of the largest and most highly-regarded centres for the delivery of multi-skill qualifications in the UK. Improvements include:

  • a more flexible, learner-friendly structure
  • the introduction of ‘touch points’ - giving learners more access to their tutors, on their own terms
  • more time for practical application of skills
  • real coaching environment assessments – with learners assessed in their own setting, delivering sessions to their own participants

Quick out of the blocks

StreetGames’ first opportunity to deliver this new qualification recently took place at The Zone Youth Centre in Burnley. The course was delivered across four full days and will soon be followed up by a real coaching assessment – which assesses coaches in a familiar, comfortable setting where they are able to produce their best coaching. 1st4Sport representatives commented that the course was well delivered, held the interests of the learners at heart and placed an emphasis on their personal development. They also commented on how the course utilised a fun and engaging delivery style that complemented its highly-detailed and varied learning programme. StreetGames tutors were complemented on their ability to respond effectively to individual learner needs, and attendees remarked on the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Course overview

This qualification is designed to prepare learners to deliver independent multi-skills coaching sessions within the Doorstep Sport environment. The course will introduce learners to the processes and principles of developing participants through multi-skills coaching.

StreetGames tutors challenge learners to recognise their own strengths and provide the time, space and support necessary for them to learn, practice and develop their knowledge and skills. We employ innovative approaches to evidence-gathering, including group work and professional discussions, as well as photo and video evidence. 

Who is it for?

Community Sport, youth workers, coaches, leaders and volunteers.

Course pre-requisites:

Participants must be 17 years of age, or older.

It is recommended that:

  • learners have access to a suitable coaching environment prior to attending this course
  • learners have completed at least one StreetGames Activator course
  • learners have links to an organisation that has received StreetMark 

StreetGames’ tutors are all industry-leading professionals. A great example of this being Rus Smith – who was recently named as the Coach Developer of the Year for 2017 at the UK Coaching Awards. Rus’ pioneering ‘Coach-Mate Connector’ programme has helped to inform the delivery of StreetGames training throughout the UK. 

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