StreetGames this week launches a new 10-year strategy which lays out a road map to expand Doorstep Sport provision throughout the country and grow opportunities for young people in underserved communities to participate in sport.

Developed through feedback from more than 200 individuals and partner organisations, the new strategy – titled Active for Today and Tomorrow – has the needs of young people at its heart and offers a ten-year vision for the charity’s future, focused on the expansion of StreetGames’ Doorstep Sport approach across the country.

Doorstep Sport opportunities are fun, informal sport and physical activity delivered by trusted community organisations in low-income, underserved neighbourhoods at the right time, in the right place, for the right price and in the right style. They provide an exciting and varied sports offer to young people, improving motivation and encouraging them to develop long-term sporting habits. Importantly, Doorstep Sport is designed for those young people who do not typically participate in traditional, formal sports clubs – more than 70% of Doorstep Sport participants don’t take part in any other form of formal sport or physical activity outside of school.

StreetGames’ vision for the next ten years puts Doorstep Sport firmly at the centre of the charity’s work. Proven and road-tested over many years, it is an approach that provides young people with an inclusive place to go to participate and equips them with the tools they need to find a positive pathway.

The new strategy assesses the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on sport and physical activity as well as the wider consequences for the communities StreetGames supports. The impact of Covid-19 has been experienced everywhere but that experience has not been an equal one, with low-income communities often bearing the brunt.

Reductions in physical activity levels during the pandemic have also been unequal with disproportionate reductions experienced by those from low-income backgrounds. These challenges, combined with existing inequality of access to sport and physical activity, means that the need to heal and rebuild these communities in the wake of Covid-19 is an urgent challenge and a key focus of StreetGames’ future planning.

Central to the strategy are four commitments in the way the organisation will work, collaborate and support the 1,500+ community sports organisations that comprise the open StreetGames Network:

  • We are the people beside the people who change lives and communities

  • Collaboration is in our DNA – we will play our part in the movement

  • StreetGames is committed to growing the reach and impact of Doorstep Sport in more places, with more young people

  • We are frontline first – Locally Trusted Organisations and young people are at the heart of all we do

StreetGames End Game

The strategy identifies four key objectives that StreetGames will strive towards over this next ten-year period:

  • All young people from low-income, underserved communities can engage in life-enhancing Doorstep Sport

  • There is a year-round, multisport offer available in every low-income, underserved community

  • All young people from low-income underserved communities can access a pathway to become volunteers and future community leaders

  • All mainstream sports providers change their practice to meet the needs of young people from low-income, underserved communities

These objectives represent the overarching aims of the charity’s work to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to gain the many benefits of sport and physical activity.

Speaking about the strategy, StreetGames’ Chairman John Cove said:

“Our new strategy is ambitious. At its heart is our mission to transform the lives of children and young people from low-income, underserved communities through sport and physical activity.

Produced in collaboration with over 200 individuals and organisations, this is a strategy developed with cooperation and partnership at its heart.

We’re proud of the many things we’ve achieved in the last 15 years, but as activity levels amongst young people continue to lag post-pandemic we know there is still a long way to go to ensure that every young person is getting the opportunity to access the right sporting offer for their needs. Our new strategy provides a road map to achieving this and will allow us to keep doing what we do best – making communities healthier, safer and more successful through sport.”

Mark Lawrie, StreetGames Chief Executive, said:

“StreetGames exists to improve the lives and life chances of young people from low-income, underserved communities through sport and physical activity. This strategy will help us to build upon our past successes and continue to deliver for the communities that need us most.

That future success will depend on the approach that StreetGames has followed since our inception: developing and growing Doorstep Sport, working in partnership and collaboration across the sport sector and beyond, and being committed to listening and learning in order to understand what really works when it comes to getting more young people active and engaged in sport in an ever-changing world. 

These are the reasons for our success over the past 15 years, and they will be vital to achieving our mission to transform the lives of young people living in low-income, underserved communities through sport and physical activity.”

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