StreetGames and Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner have been awarded over £326,000 from the Home Office’s Early Intervention Youth programme to build on pioneering crime prevention work.

StreetGames will work in partnership with eleven Police and Crime Commissioners, local organisations and key stakeholders to support 165 young people at risk of being drawn into serious violent crime. The programme provides young people with high quality sports volunteering opportunities within their local communities alongside training to develop their critical thinking skills.

Engaging with young people aged 10-17 years, in areas of high crime intensity, the programme will help them develop their protective factors such as resilience, confidence, self-efficacy and social skills. The ripple effect of this model is expected to impact on 1,320 of their peers through their volunteering, and as a result they too will develop protective factors diminishing their risk of becoming involved in crime.

Stuart Felce, UK Director, Sport and Community Safety at StreetGames said, “StreetGames has worked with Hardyal Dhindsa, Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner for several years developing our knowledge and network to tackle the root causes of serious violence among young people. We’re delighted to have been awarded this funding and will immediately put it to work making our young people and communities safer, healthier and more successful.

Hardyal Dhindsa, Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner said: “This funding illustrates the power of sport in tackling those problems that plague our communities. Having helped to pioneer the scheme I’m delighted that so many areas are now benefitting. There is no doubt that it helps to divert young people away from crime and become fully fledged and contributing members of our communities.”

The funding for the eleven counties is drawn from the final £3.3 million allocation of the Early Intervention Youth Fund. The Government previously allocated £17.7 million of the Early Intervention Youth Fund to 29 projects endorsed by PCCs in November 2018.

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