Launched in the summer of 2019, the #BallGamesAllowed campaign from Coca-Cola GB and StreetGames, aimed to raise awareness of the issue of lacking ‘pitch space’ for young people interested in playing football with friends. At the same time, the campaign also sought to address the lack of access to quality coaches in these same areas, with more than 50% of young respondents saying that their opportunities for play were limited by one or both of these issues.

In response, Coca-Cola launched a special on-pack promotion, with a portion of all sales going towards providing more coaches and playing spaces in these areas. One such location was Sheffield, an area in which StreetGames’ local partners have has already felt many of the benefits.

In fact, one group of coaches from the Sheffield StreetGames network have already completed their Level 2 Multi Skills qualifications with the Training Academy team. This group have come together to learn new coaching methods and good practice in order to engage young people from their communities in fun, inclusive and adaptable environments.


Street Games Tutor, Kate Roberts commented on their recent success, stating:

“The group were an absolute joy to work with and their passion and commitment to using sport as the vehicle to positively impact young people’s lives was clear to see and made for an excellent shared learning environment”.

Kabier Aslam, Chairman of Darnall FA went on to say:

“Thank you for delivering the level 2 Multi Skill course, the course was very educational and fun to do. I have a clearer understanding how to engage all participants and the importance of building from foundation up. Teaching the ABC’s through Fundamental Movement Skills FMS. I have learned how to be a better coach, be more confident on how to develop participants to be more active in a fun exercising way anytime anywhere”.


All 8 local coaches have now passed their assessment, with action plans in place to continue their momentum and development as outstanding community coaches. Funding secured through the #BallGamesAllowed campaign will also serve to help coaches, just like these to attract more young people to their local sessions, sessions that utilise high-quality 3G pitches, based in the community. These improved venues will not only provide a safe place to play, but also support the further ‘upskilling’ of local sports providers in delivering Doorstep Sport sessions.

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