Trusts and foundations provide vital funds for Fit and Fed and allow us to plan and deliver long-term programmes to change lives. Their support enables us to expand our support to more neighbourhoods, to monitor and evaluate our work, and to plan multi-year interventions to ensure we have maximum our impact across the UK. The trusts and foundations that support us share our priorities including youth, hunger, education, and reducing inequality. 

Do you represent a trust or foundation?

Please consider making a grant to Fit and Fed. Our dedicated trust and foundation manager, Simon Lister will produce a detailled submission outlining aims, objectives, and outcomes as well as full budgets, and making clear how these align with your charitable objectives. 

Trust and foundation reporting

We ensure that trusts can see the impact of their contributions. We send regular, detailled progress and budget reports, photographs, and case studies so you can keep track of the difference being made by your donation. 

To discuss how your trust or foundation can help Fit and Fed change lives in 2017 contact Simon Lister by email or phone 07920 711994.

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