If you’re growing up in a poor family the school holidays can be a horrible time; you're at home alone or hanging around on street corners, and your friends instantly and unavoidably flaunting the great time they're having on holiday or at football camp. And, there’s a greater than 7 in 10 chance that if you’re from one of the UK’s the poorest families then your family might well struggle to feed everyone!

60% of families with an annual income of £25,000 can’t always afford food during the holidays, and families on less than £15,000 report a ‘constant struggle’.

School holidays are supposed to be a fun time of the year, but for a generation of children from low income families it isn’t. Children are isolated because there is no free activity programmes on offer, and they are at risk of going hungry because there are no free school meals, and studies from France and Austria have indicated it can take up to six weeks for pupils can recover from their summer holidays.

StreetGames is launching a campaign to tackle this. The problem facing us is large, but so is our ambition.

We are launching Fit and Fed, holiday activity sessions, in poor neighbourhoods, with a nutritious meal every day, free of charge. Our first target is to activate 7,500 children and serve at least 250,000 healthy lunches during the 2017 summer holidays.

"Hunger is not an issue of charity, it is an issue of justice."

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