These are unusual and challenging times for all of us, and especially for many of the children and young people the StreetGames network works to support. Many of the young people and families we support are especially vulnerable at this time around issues like hunger and social isolation, as well as linked issues around mental and physical health.

We know our network is doing everything possible to support their communities at this time and we are committed to supporting you in this aim, giving you the support you need so that you can continue working make young people safer, healthier and more successful.

StreetGames is here to help our network to deliver on their work supporting local communities. In this section you can find information and resources for dealing with the current Coronavirus crisis, from advice on fundraising to guides on how to continue supporting young people through lockdown.

Together we will continue to change sport, change communities and change lives for the better.  

NYA Briefing 13th May 2021 – NYA Guidance Roadmap Step 3                                                                       full briefing from the NYA is on YouTube –


  • England only guidance – all steps apply across whole of England at the same time
  • Guidance is for all ages – e.g. 4 to 25 years or whatever your service is
  • Stages and potential changes in dates of the Road Map need to be noted. Each change will come with a weeks’ notice from the Government.
  • If you work near a border, please ensure you look at guidance for home nations and think about where your activity will be taking place and therefore which guidance will apply.
  • Do not start booking activities, especially those you may lose a deposit on, until the step that allows it has started.
  • Once you do start booking check the rules of the venues you are visiting – this guidance is for you, but doesn’t mandate others to follow it if they have different guidance from their sectors.

Keep an eye on the NYA website as the opening page will tell you what stage we are at all times -

Youth work support website available and has loads of useful info on it –

Key dates relating to the NYA covid readiness levels:

  • Until the 29th March – RED
  • From Monday 29th March at the earliest   AMBER level with some additional restrictions
  • From 12th April at the earliest       AMBER
  • From 17th May at the earliest       YELLOW
  • From 21st June at the earliest       - remaining in Yellow

Throughout all steps, unless specifically stated otherwise, the below applies with the guidance of what is allowed at each step followed:

  • Covid secure guidance is to be followed
  • Revised risk assessments should be completed and reviewed at each step
  • Sport and physical activity is allowed within these constraints at all steps but think about keeping it as safe and hygienic as possible
  • Outdoors (from 29th March) there is no limit to the number of young people who can attend a session. Sensible ratios and covid-safe rules still apply and need to be considered.
  • Indoors (once allowed) groups should have a max of 15 young people. Staff, volunteers, carers and keyworkers are in addition to the 15.
  • Keep groups as fixed as possible – not people swapping in and out.
  • Ensure bubbles are age appropriate.
  • More than one bubble allowed in larger buildings. They must be in separate spaces, with separate entrances, toilet facilities etc.
  • Back to back bubbles are allowed as long as cleaning completed between session.
  • All venues are allowed to open for the purpose of providing youth support group activities.
  • All trips and residential trips are prohibited.
  • Face covering indoors for over 11’s.
  • If you have more than 25 staff you can access government scheme for ‘lateral flow’ testing kits.
  • Young people and staff/ volunteers are legally allowed to travel to access/ provide these services

Fundraising – info and recorded webinars

Keeping Young People Active – Virtual Engagement Tools

Mental health – where to get support

Safeguarding – hints and tips for Safe Usage of Online Tools

Training – what is available and how

Activity Cards

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Satellite Clubs - Adapting During Covid-19 

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