Bring It On Brum - Free Easter Training Programme

Our Bring It On Brum Easter Training programme is now LIVE and includes a range of face to face and live online workshops starting on Tuesday 30th November.

This offers a great opportunity for staff, volunteers and young leaders (16+) working on the Winter Bring It On Brum programme to access FREE training and boost their confidence and skills to deliver a fantastic programme.

Please do spend some time with your holiday workforce to discuss what training could be beneficial to them/ you and book on via the links below. 

If you have any questions about training please contact

Youth Mental Health First Aid (Lite)

This 3 hour course raises awareness of mental health and covers: what mental health is and how to challenge stigma, a basic knowledge of some common mental health issues, an introduction to looking after your own mental health and maintaining well being and the confidence to support young people who are in distress who maybe experiencing mental health issues. 

Tuesday 29th March, 1pm - 4pm(Online Workshop)  BOOK HERE

Friday 1st april, 1pm - 4pm (Online Workshop) BOOK HERE

L3 Emergency First Aid at Work 

The Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF) is suitable for anyone wishing to learn basic first aid skills and is often the minimum requirement for a sports coach or leader. The course is delivered in an informative, fun and innovative way by experienced first aid  tutors. It is ideal for individuals who wish to gain knowledge of emergency procedures and First Aid. 

Monday 4th April, 9am - 4.30pm @  Wyndley Leisure Centre, Clifton Road, Sutton Coldfield B73 6EN BOOK HERE

Wednesday 6th April, 9am - 4.30pm @ Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre, Wheelers Lane B13 0ST BOOK HERE

Thursday 7th April, 9am - 4.30pm @ Northfield Pool & Fitness Centre, Bristol Road South B31 2PD BOOK HERE

Keeping Young People Safe in a Community Setting (Safeguarding)

This 3-hour workshop promotes a whole organisation approach to safeguarding and is suitable for project managers, coaches, leaders and volunteers working in community sport environments with regular responsibility for children and young people.On completion, learners will have a better understanding of how to deliver community sport and youth activities with a child welfare and safety centred approach. Using specific examples and scenarios taken from the community sport context, learners will have the opportunity to discuss and explore key topics including welfare, safeguarding, child abuse and radicalisation. Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of the importance of early intervention and identifying, responding and reporting concerns.This workshop has been CIMSPA Endorsed and gives 3 CPD points.

Wednesday 30th March, 11am - 2pm (On line workshop) BOOK HERE

Tuesday 5th April, 1pm - 4pm @ Trefoil House, Brownsea Drive, Blucher Street B1 1QL

Managing Challenging Behaviour

This 3 hour workshop explores how holiday programmes can be used as an engagement tool to address social exclusion, anti-social behaviour and community tension and build stronger communities.Participants learn the characteristics of ‘hard to reach’ young people and how to effectively engage with them. They are shown how to recognise the causes and triggers of anti-social behaviour and they explore the development of tools and skills that enable young people to take ownership of their issues and effectively manage challenging behaviour.

Friday 25th March, 10am - 1pm (Online Workshop)

Thursday 31st March. 10am - 1pm (Online Workshop)


This 3 hour practical workshop aims to provide volunteers, young people, youth & community workers and community sports coaches and leaders with a multi-skill approach to coaching young people in their local community. The workshop will provide a chance to experience games across a range of sporting categories and learners will combine their existing coaching and leadership skills and experience with the games, adaptations and top tips within the workshop to engage young people in multi-sports.

Wednesday 30th March, 6pm - 9pm, @ Midland Mencap,Weoley Castle Community Centre, Bottetourt road, Weoley Castle, Birmingham, B29 5TE (B29 5RX sat nav)

 Mental Health Conversations 

This live 1.5-hour Mental Health webinar aims to give an overview of how the current pandemic is impacting on young people’s mental health and wellbeing. We will give top tips and ways in which to start a conversation about mental health with a young person, if you feel you need to, and show some practical examples of how you might respond to common challenges of the moment. We will also look at what you might be able to keep an eye out for, even remotely, if a young person is struggling with their mental health and provide you with some safe and reliable places that you can signpost them to if you or they feel that further support or advice is needed.

Monday 4th April, 2pm - 3:30pm (on line workshop)

 Level 2 Food Hygiene

A large number of L2 Food Hygiene places were distributed over the summer holiday but if any final members of staff do need this qualification within your organisation (max 2 per organisation) please complete this form . Logins will be then sent directly to learners for them to complete the qualification online, independently.


 Here are a range of recorded workshops, independant training workshops and resources that may also be useful to support your Bring It On Brum workforce:



Practitioners Guide:

Parents Guide:

"Do you want a coaching call to improve your school readiness provision?" email Marius Frank to arrange an informal chat.

Delivering CMO Physical Activity Guidelines in your Holiday Activity Programme (Live Online Workshop) -  You can access the recording for the webinar here : (recording) & (resources)



Risk assessments, Risk Benefit and Play (Online Live Webinar)

So what does risky play actually mean? Play England (2008) states that play means “providing opportunities for all children to encounter or create uncertainty, unpredictability, and potential hazards as part of their play. We do not mean putting children in danger of serious harm” . Children recognise that not everything around them can be made safe and that a balance is needed between risks and fun.

This webinar delivered by Birmingham Play Care Network will enable Playworkers to recognise risk benefit and how to use risk assessments to develop children’s play opportunities. The session will allow Playworkers to recognise the link between play observations, risk assessments and the play environment and explore the resources available to support risk benefit assessments.


 Please see below a range of recordings of workshops, independant training and resources that may be useful :

Extending Children's Food Experiences

We are pleased to share with you a pre-recorded Bitesize session for HAF providers on Extending Children’s food experiences.  The session is delivered by Food for Life and looks at:

-          Outline training and advice on seasonal activities that connect children to their food

-          Engaging children with food preparation

-          Relaying nutritional messages to children that they can take back to their families

-          Practical advice on delivering good food

-          Signposting to further resources

A copy of the slides from the session are attached to this email.

For those who have joined K-Hub the recording and sample recipes can be accessed here

For those who have not joined K-Hub the recording is available on YouTube.

Extending Childrens Food Experiences - PDF

Food and SEND Bitesize Lessons Learned - Recordings and slides

Lessons Learned – Food

Recording - here

Discussion points – here

Lessons Learned – SEND

Recording – here

Slides and discussion points – here

Provider Essentials Bitesize:   

All live sessions have now been delivered, and we were delighted that over 300 providers attended.   

We have also recorded a session on: 


Natasha's Law & Food Allergens

, Bitesize Session - Natasha's Law and Food Allergens - YouTube,  involves an open discussion with Julian Edwards from Allergen Accreditation for all involved in food organising, preparation and delivery of the HAF programme.  Chaired by Bryn Hamer, from the Soil Association, who asks Julian some key questions on food allergens and what we need to consider when preparing and organising food services. The conversation is light, practical and informative and covers areas of the rules and regulations, where we get allergen information from, staff training, how allergen information is collected and provided. It also answers some questions on the new Natasha’s Law or Pre-Packed for Direct Sale regulations that came into force on 1st October 2021. It wraps up with some practical kitchen tips and in the event a customer query cannot be dealt with… honesty and courtesy (and asking a colleague for help) is the safest route to take, always!

Some links and resources are mentioned.  These include: for technical guidance, templates and the FSA’s free online allergen training (Please note this was updated in June 2020, so if you’ve done it before, do it again- it also includes sections on Natasha’s Law.) And for allergen spec’ sheets and knowledge on anaphylaxis, look no further than:


 Webinars by Feeding Britain - The Children’s Kitchen

Session One- Inclusive Cooking

Children with Additional Needs or Dietary Requirements

  • Approaches to encourage all children to be able to access food workshops
  • Activities to engage learners
  • Techniques to consider for children with additional needs
  • Considering allergies and dietary requirements

Session Two- Cooking with Children

Hands on food workshops for children and families

  • Ideas for sessions which encourage children to try new and fresh ingredients following the School Food Plan
  • Planning a safe and engaging Food Activity-risk assessments and food safety
  • Simple activities to include in a HAF Activity Session
  • Planning a session-what to do in advance and what equipment is needed

Sessions Three-Cooking for Children

Preparing cooked lunches for children

  • Following the School Food Plan guidelines-what does this involve?
  • Ideas for meals which are practical to cook and provide a healthy balanced lunch
  • Food Hygiene and Risk Assessments for cooking lunches
  • Involving children in the lunch preparation-safe ways to work together


Here are all the free resources from the 3 food webinars : here

 Food Toolkit - this is free and accessible to all Bring it On Brum projects

Please click here to access the full resource : food toolkit

This toolkit is packed full of practical content to help clubs throughout the summer programme and beyond. It includes info on:

-          Food provision

-          Making learning about food fun

-          Food skills

-          Engaging parents and carers in good food

-          Menu ideas and inspiration

-          Other useful sources of information

 Independent Learning & Useful Resources for Birmingham Holiday Activity Providers

We have put together a selection of additional training opportunities and resources that could be really useful for your workforce and organisation as you prepare for your summer holiday activities. Please see below. If you have anything you think could be beneficial for partners that is not on the list please contact

ACES Training: From this training you will be able to identify adverse experiences that can impact on a child's development and their response to stress. You will understand that experiencing adversity in childhood can have a significant impact over a person’s life course resulting in ill health, poor wellbeing and in some cases premature death.

Coaching for life skills: Streetgames in partnership with Achievement for All have developed Coaching for Life Skills, a training programme to develop learners understanding of core strength and how to integrate a life skills, growth and development programme into their everyday activity as a sports coach or volunteer. 

Food allergy and Intolerance training: This interactive training has been developed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for Local Authorities' enforcement officers. However, it might also be of interest to food industry organisations and businesses, consumers and others who would like to learn more about food allergies and how to handle allergens safely. 

Kooth Mental Health and Wellbeing: Kooth PLC is a digital mental health and wellbeing company working to provide a welcoming space for digital mental health care, available to all.

Safeguarding and Signposting routes in Birmingham: This training is targeted at all staff working with children, young people and families in Birmingham. The course aims to achieve consistency in understanding and practice, when responding to children, young people and families. The course will take no longer than 40 minutes.

Social media masterclass: The main social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Make sure you are using them effectively! The masterclass helps you to identify your target audience, guides you through planning the right content, top tips, self-care and directs you to further resources.

Sudden cardiac arrest: This free life-saving eLearning course is packed with immersive and scenario-based learning, practical information and tips to help you respond quickly and appropriately to a sudden cardiac arrest.

For more information please contact

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