100% of the training may be paid for by using your levy funding or through government funding.  You are a 'Levy' employer if your organisation has an annual salary bill of £3million or more, if this is the case 0.5% of your salary bill is calculated as your Levy and you can spend this money on any apprenticeship training across the business.  For every £1 that enters your digital account, you will get £1.10 to spend through a 10% top-up from the government. For more guidance the government publishes information here

If you have a smaller annual salary figure, then you are a 'non-levy' employer.  95% of the training is paid for through government education funding and you need to contribute 5% from 1st April 2019.

If you employ less than 50 staff, 100% of the training is paid for through government education funding.

In addition to the training there is some additional funding for businesses to support employers taking on aprentices aged 16-18 years (or 19-24 year olds if they are care leavers or have an Educational and Health Care Plan).

In addition there is also further financial support if:

  • the apprentice requires additional learning support for conditions such as dyslexia, learning difficulties or disabilities.
  • the apprentice lives in the top 27% deprived areas of England
  • Maths or English training is required for the apprentice

Click here for the Quick guide to funding

Please note that from April 2018, levy-paying employers have been able to transfer their apprenticeship service funds to one other employer, in order to pay for that organisations’s apprenticeship training and assessment. This can be done to improve skills and productivity in a related industry or supply chain member. Please note that the number of secondary organisations this provision can be donated to will increase over time.

For more information, read the government’s guidelines on the scheme below.

Government’s Guidelines

Apprentices' Wages - How should I decide what to pay?

There’s no definitive answer but how do you decide what to pay any employee in your organisation? When setting salary rates for your Apprentice, keep these things in mind;

  • Many employers offer a ‘package’ to Apprentices that include things like performance-related bonuses/salary increases, meal and travel costs, discounts on goods and services etc.
  • Think about your location and whether an Apprentice will need to factor in transport costs and whether this should be recognised in the wage rate.
  • Think about what other employment and Apprenticeship opportunities exist in your area and how competitive your ‘offer’ is in comparison.

And….weigh up the value of having a skilled workforce to help your organisation grow.

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) is the minimum pay per hour most workers are entitled to by law. The rate will depend on a worker's age and if they are an apprentice.

More detail about National Minimum Wage Rates

StreetGames is a Living Wage Employer and also commits to paying any apprentices we employ at least national minimum wage for 18-21 year olds or higher if appropriate.  For additional support in understanding the Living Wage, please visit below foe more information.

More about the Living Wage

Apprenticeships are a tried and trusted way to recruit new staff, or re-train and up-skill existing staff. It may well be the case that you are already employing or know the person who could be your next Apprentice!

The advantages for your organisation are enormous.

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