StreetGames has decided to withdraw from the Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations and will not be able to offer End-Point Assessments after March 2022. You can search here for other registered EPAOs.


What is End-Point Assessment? 

End-Point Assessment (EPA) occurs at the end of a minimum period of training as an apprentice – typically 12 months. The employer and training provider decide whether the apprentice is ready to be tested.

EPA is ‘synoptic’, which means it takes an overview of the apprentices’ competence

EPA consists of a number of different types of external assessment, typically:

  • Written exams and multiple-choice tests
  • Professional discussions
  • Observation of the apprentice at work

Employers who have developed the Apprenticeship Standard will determine how to test for occupational competence within their industry.

Each different type of apprenticeship, defined by occupation, will have a specific set of assessments which have to be passed to achieve a certificate.

An Assessment Plan is published for each Standard which contains all the details of the testing required to achieve a certificate.

End-Point Assessments are graded; e.g. pass and distinction

How does EPA fit into the new apprenticeship standards?

  • The employer and training provider will choose a registered End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) to work with (see below)
  • For all apprenticeships, a set period of training will need to be finished before the EPA begins – a minimum of 12 months or longer
  • Training providers and/or employers will need to ensure that their learners are ready to be assessed – known as the Gateway
  • The EPA begins after the Gateway has been completed

Who can offer EPA?

  • All activity regarding EPA is managed by an impartial organisation known as an End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)
  • EPAO’s will have been approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency before they can offer the service
  • This activity will always be separate from the training programme
  • Independence is key to ensuring that no-one involved in the management or training of apprentices is able to decide who is competent

Click here for a full list of End-Point Assessment Organisations

What can StreetGames offer?

StreetGames has been approved as an EPAO for community sports Apprenticeship Standards. The standards are 

Level 2 Community Activator Coach 


Level 3 Community Sport and Health Officer

How is it managed?

  • An EPAO will provide a variety of sample assessments and ‘diagnostic’ materials that can be used by employers and training providers throughout the training input to ensure that learners know what to expect at the assessment stage
  • All additional requirements will have to be completed before the EPA starts, e.g. achievement of any qualifications that are in the standard or Functional Skills in English and maths
  • An End-Point Assessor will be allocated to each apprentice to manage the process and schedule the various assessments according to the assessment plan requirements. This may have to be achieved in a certain order and within a defined timeframe
  • If an apprentice fails an assessment, a resit can be arranged but in some cases, apprentices may need more training before further assessment takes place
  • EPAO’s will be responsible for claiming the overarching apprenticeship certificate from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

The costs

The fees associated with EPA vary depending on the Apprenticeship Standard. StreetGames uses three factors to determine the price:

  • The number of apprentices you expect to go through End-Point Assessment per year
  • The location of your apprentices within England (e.g. at the same site or across multiple sites)
  • The length of contract you are looking for

Prices include all component End-Point Assessments identified by the Assessment Plan for the standard and access to free support materials and resources.

For more details and a quote, please contact us at 


  • StreetGames offers one free re-sit of one task
  • Re-sits of further tasks or re-takes will be subject to additional charges.

External quality assurance

  • StreetGames is subject to external quality assurance for each standard by CIMSPA.
  • There is no additional charge payable for this requirement. 


We’ve tried to make things easier for our customers by charging the main payment towards the end of the apprenticeship journey. So we make two charges normally:

  • Registration fee - we will invoice for 50% payment on registration of the apprentice
  • Balance - we will notice for the remaining 50% on confirmation of the assessment dates
  • Additional payments for resits and retakes will be agreed as required.

Payment terms are 30 days. 

How is the EPA conducted?

A range of assessment methods will be used to determine an apprentice’s skills, knowledge and behaviour (SKB). Different Apprenticeship Assessment Plans specify the assessment method required. For the community sports apprenticeships, the assessment plans specify practical observation, case study challenge (level 3 CSHO only), presentation with Q&A and panel interview as the assessment methods. StreetGames’ team of End-Point Assessors will make use of technology and flexible testing arrangements to ensure a smooth convenient service for employers, training providers and apprentices.

What notice is required in order to carry out EPA?

Apprentices should be registered with StreetGames as early as possible into their apprenticeship programme. Following the Gateway meeting, the assessment of an apprentice will be fully completed and graded within a 12 week period.

Please note if an apprentice only becomes known to us after their gateway, we must ensure 10 weeks between gateway and EPA to allow apprentices sufficient time to prepare for their final assessment.

Are mock assessments and other such materials provided to help apprentices prepare for EPA?

StreetGames provide a range of support guides, checklists and template documents to assist in preparing your apprentice for end-point assessment.

Does StreetGames issue the Apprenticeship certificate?

The apprenticeship certificate is issued by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education. StreetGames EPA team will apply for an apprenticeship certificate and also issue a StreetGames statement of completion to each apprentice. The StreetGames statement is not an apprenticeship certificate and only confirms that the apprentice has completed their End-Point Assessment and the specific grades achieved.

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