StreetGames' work is delivered in partnership with an expert network of around 1,400 Locally Trusted Organisations, working in low-income, underserved communities across the UK. The collective power and reach of the network enables unparalleled access to young people growing up in over 4,000 poverty-hit localities. 


  • Are you an organisation that shares StreetGames vision of Healthier, Safer and More Successful Communities through sport?
  • Do you already support young people from low-income backgrounds through sport and physical activity or are you keen to do more?
  • Do you believe in empowering young people from low-income backgrounds and providing them with opportunities to design and deliver activity? 
  • Do you want to do all of the above with the support of an expert network of likeminded people and organisations?

If the answer is Yes then JOIN THE NETWORK!


The StreetGames network is open to all and sector blind. We welcome any organisation that shares our purpose. We are particularly keen to support community, youth and sport organisations that provide and/or support Doorstep Sport opportunities for young people from low-income backgrounds. If you are already providing sport and physical activity for young people in low-income neighbourhoods, you are almost certainly already delivering some aspects of Doorstep Sport. 

Doorstep Sport is activity that is delivered in local communities in the right style, at the right time, at the right price and by the right people. Doorstep Sport is an effective intervention to engage young people in positive activities and is widely recognised across many sectors, including, the sport, youth, community safety and health sectors. StreetGames purpose is to help LTOs like yours to provide Doorstep Sport in a way that both keeps young people playing and helps them to be healthier, safer and more successful’

StreetGames Network members:

  • Are committed to creating positive change in the lives of young people from low-income backgrounds through sport and physical activity
  • Deliver aspects of the Doorstep Sport approach and want to use it to have greater impact for young people
  • Directly deliver sport and/or physical activity opportunities for young people living from low-income backgrounds at a time, price and style that meets their needs; or if they don’t directly deliver they….
  • Believe in and support the power of Doorstep Sport through their work and influence and assist local networks of community organisations to do the great work they do
  • Put young people at the heart of their thinking and champion young people’s involvement within their organisation and out in the wider community.

By joining StreetGames you become part of a network of like-minded organisations that: 

  • Connect and collaborate through network meetings and events
  • Learn about the latest research and insight and get access to a range of resources
  • Share ideas, learning and good practice through Word on the Street – Our monthly newsletter for all things StreetGames!
  • Work together to train and develop the workforce through StreetGames Award Winning Training Academy Workshops & Courses
  • Participate in new action research and development – StreetGames is committed to testing and learning with our network
  • Have access to funding/investment and support for their fundraising and sustainability
  • Receive expert support to develop their Doorstep Sport offer.

The welfare and safety of children and young people is of paramount importance for StreetGames. We take our responsibility for ensuring that those who work with children and young people through Doorstep Sport are well-governed and deliver in a way that keeps children and young people safe extremely seriously. Whenever we invest funding in our network we carry out due diligence checks on things like policies and procedures and talk to delivery partners about their practices. We also offer support to organisations to develop areas of practice such as safeguarding and help them to be better set up to receive funding from others. This is not about ‘checking up’ but is focused on ensuring that our investment is used in the right way and that the organisations we support are well-run and ready  for the long term. These relate to safeguarding and child protection, governance, health and safety and data protection/sharing. More information can be provided on the process for applying for investment once you have joined the network.

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