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StreetGames welcomes applications to join a growing Doorstep Sport network from community, youth and sport organisations that share our mission to Change lives, Change communities and Change sport. In doing so, organisations receive our seal of approval - StreetMark.

Doorstep Sport is provision for disadvantaged young people that is delivered close to home, in the right place, right style, right time, at the right price and by the right people. Doorstep Sport is an effective intervention to engage young people in positive activities and is widely recognised across many sectors, including, the sport, youth, community safety and health sectors. By becoming a StreetMark holder you join up with over 750 like-minded organisations across the UK.

StreetMark is the front door to the StreetGames network of Doorstep Sport providers. Holding StreetMark demonstrates that an organisation meets the minimum standards for the delivery of Doorstep Sport, and shares a commitment to working with young people in areas of deprivation.


…involves some paper work but not too much. It is all done online.

…is validated by one of the StreetGames regional team

…is valid for 3 years

…gives priority access to participate in new research and development

…sends regular communication of network news, good practice and new opportunities

…allows the use of the StreetGames logo for branded marketing material

Network members are able to access a wide range of programmes and utilise our services/support ranging from:

  • Apprenticeships.
  • Camps & residentials.
  • Developing young volunteers.
  • Doorstep Sport delivery programmes.
  • Engaging Women & Girls in sport & physical activity (Us Girls).
  • Events and festivals.
  • Fit and fed/Holiday hunger campaigns.
  • Fundraising support for Doorstep Sport.
  • Initiatives to improve mental wellbeing through sport.
  • Pop Up sport opportunities.
  • Research & insight.
  • Tackling youth crime/ASB through sport.
  • Training workshops & courses, including Doorstep Sport skills workshops, activators workshops and accredited qualifications.

For more information about joining StreetGames and to complete a StreetMark application, please click here and follow the instructions for setting up a 'new applicant'. You will then be redirected to the StreetMark application.

Once you have submitted your application, a member of the StreetGames team will make contact to discuss your application further.

StreetGames and Safeguarding children and young people

StreetGames operates in a child and young person centred way when it comes to developing and delivering its programmes and oppurtunities. The welfare and safety of young people is always at the forefront of our minds. 

Through StreetMark we want to encourage all organisations to review their approach to safeguarding, welfare and child protection. Is your organisation doing all it can to ensure the welfare and safety of young people and giving them the best possible experience at your sessions or activities?

StreetMark begins with organisations demonstrating they have demonstrated to StreetGames that it has the following in place:

  • Safeguarding policy
  • A clear process for checking the appropriateness of staff - including DBS checks (if not included in the safeguarding policy)
  • Health and Safety policy
  • Relevant Insurance
  • Data protection policy

During the course of our own safeguarding work, we will identify a number of organisations who are applying for StreetMark to meet and discuss with them their safeguarding policies and procedures. By doing this we are trying to learn what approaches different organisations take, identify areas of good practice or areas of development in which StreetGames may be able to support your organisation or link you to a relevant partner. StreetGames works closely with the Child Protection in Sport Unit to ensure we are aware of any current issues relating to the safety and welfare of children and young people and are able to pass this onto StreetMark holders.

Please click here for our StreetGames and Safeguarding children and young people guide.


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